Hi, I'm Theresa

a user experience designer currently working in Singapore

My work combines product design with technology and user-centered design thinking.

I am currently working as a UX Lead at Cheil Singapore PTD Ltd which is a digital and marketing agency under Samsung Group that offers digital and marketing solutions for Samsung and other prominent brands across Asia.


I have worked with Cheil Singapore over the past year to establish its digital services in experience design across Asia Pacific region with industry leading brands like Samsung SG, Samsung Australia and Amore Pacific.


Before Cheil, I was the lead UX Designer at a fin-tech startup Moolah Technologies which is one of the first technology companies in Singapore to identify a gap in how traditional banks are helping users save. The app is trying to solve one of the most difficult millennial problems of building better savings habits. 






Update eSIS experience of Korea's top skincare brands Sulwhasoo online on Lazada

Objective: Sulwhasoo being a luxury cosmetic brand wanted to revamp its eSIS presence to appeal to a wider audience. The objective was to maintain a consistent brand image and improve conversion rate on the platform.


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mock (1).gif

Launch campaign microsite for Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Objective: To engage customers with the new Samsung Galaxy S20 launch and explore the product photography feature (100x zoom) in a gamified way.

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Savings made easy with the Balo Savings Champion


Objective: To remove the stigma associated with money and savings. Savings if done everyday in small portions can be more successful and achievable, especially with the guidance of a savings expert. Revamp from Hektor to Balo

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Rebranded Hektor to Balo.

To build a scalable design system which is gamified and yet simple to use. Create UI principles that have less friction for use and more validation to hook app usage.

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Simplified savings tied to your lifestyle

Objective: As a fin-tech incubator at Startup Bootcamp Singapore, my objective with Hektor was to validate the brand proposition and identify the feature list for best product market fit 

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