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I'm Theresa Raj, a UX designer who thinks outside the box and believes that the solution to any problem will reveal itself if the right questions are asked.

Having worked in design for over 10 years, I believe I have a strong sense of aesthetics and believe that good design can bridge the gap between businesses ideas and user needs.




My passion lies in understanding user psychology and human behaviour. Applying behaviour understanding to design simple, effective solutions can help reduce mental load for customers. My background in product design in the retail industry makes me a creative thinker with strong visual aesthetics.


I believe that a hands-on design process and thinking as a team can be the most effective way to design. I'm an initiative & reliable person with great ideas. I learn better by involving myself in every phase of the creative process from discovery, requirements analysis, visual design strategy and ideation, feature specification, user flows, interface design and user testing.


I value good communication with people around me everyday and believe it to be a very important skillset. Every person be it team, family or the people I interact with constantly teaches me something new and challenging my way of thinking which broadens my knowledge. 


(+65) 88766505


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