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Derive Solution through UX Design, UI Interface Design, Service Design, User Research, Customer Journey Mapping, Service Blueprint, Business Model Canvas, Affinity Mapping

To research the new brand proposition of BonAppetour and hence to redesign their Product from App design, User Research, Identify a Persona for their new proposition and finally an upgraded overall user experience with Service Design. 

Problem Statements

To find new and exciting experiences that is catered to my interest & busy lifestyle.

To be able to plan and book these escapades with ease & feel safe in the process.

To meet equally adventurous & sociable people

Design Studio and the proposed User Flow

The App,

Solution Statement" To Provide an engaging community based platform that is centred around enthralling experiences through food for the tech savvy customers.

Clear and Engaging
Clear Event Calendar
Building a Community with Chat Feature
Easy sharing Feature
Talk/ Chat with host on a personalised chart forum
Personalised Interface
Creating a sense of urgency white booking
Easy onboarding with a single step to sign in

Service Design Beyond the App

Building Brand Identity

Direct Reviewing after event
Direct Emailer with  Toolkit
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