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Rebrand and Strategy


Balo was a redesign and brand strategy adopted by the team to build a more friendly approachable persona for the brand and make it more relatable for the Asian markets.


UX Research

UX Design

UI Design

Design Brand Assets

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Problem Statement

  • Balo is a classic startup story.  It began as an idea of what happens if we do this to that?

  • It all starts with the image the brand is trying to project. How may we remove the feeling of doubt and distrust and replace it with joy, comfort and trust.

  • The next questions were "How do we turn this one beautiful product into a business? We need to create a compelling brand.

The Logo

A name change is perhaps the biggest rebrand a company can take. It entails a complete upheaval that simultaneously establishes a brand-new image whilst presenting a new identity.

I designed a friendly, approachable but professional brand logo. It does what design is supposed to, it translates effortlessly across all media and has become instantly recognisable in a matter of months.

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Mood board and Colours

The mood is vibrant, positive and minimalistic. The aim is to remove clutter that is normally associated with financial products and keep it simple, fresh and joyful.

The emotion we want to come across with the app is that of positivity, playfulness and success.

There brand needs to deliver a dynamic experience at every point of use.

Our new system juxtaposes color pairs in bold, unexpected ways. Color is dynamic and playful—especially when it comes to the defining the various aspects of the brand. The characters, the just chill and savings hunt every asset has a unique representation.

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Our typography Gotham is as simple and easy to use as we are. Gotham's letterforms are inspired by a form of architectural signage. We wanted a typeface that was going to be very fresh and very established to have a sort of credible voice to it.

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 9.35.25 AM.png

Character Development

Meet our characters: the USP of the brand. We created our team of champions to help user get a unique, guided experience while saving. Each character comes with their unique characteristics and tone of voice.

Collaboration is an important part of the creative process. When it’s going well, everyone’s ideas build off one another in a “yes-and” scenario. We collaborated with local Singaporean illustrator Eugene Lim to develop the character illustrations.

Tone of Voice

Each character comes with their unique way of giving advice and helping you save. The characteristics and tone of voice of the 4 champions vary based on their personality and back story.

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UI Style Guide

To keep the developers on track and to have a scalable - consistent design system, we created a style guide and assets so that the brand was perfectly implemented. Balo wanted a simple to use app, mirroring the companies ethos of being quick and stress free. 

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